PWSAC Board Elections Application

Applications for the PWSAC Board of Directors 2024 election are now available.

The 2024 Fishermen Director Election will include three (3) seine, four (4) drift gillnet, two (2) dual permit, and one (1) set net seat for three-year terms. The 3-year term starts on 10/2024 and will continue through to 10/2027. This election, there is an additional one (1) seine seat for a two-year term (starting 10/2024 and ending 10/2026).

Use the link below or scan the QR code to complete the application. This election is available to Area E commercial salmon fisherman ONLY. If you do not qualify for the election but would like to serve on the PWSAC Board of Directors, please reach out to or call 907-424-7511.