Board of Directors

The PWSAC Board of Directors is made up of 45 seats with representation of all salmon user groups including commercial fishermen, sport fishermen, subsistence fishermen, personal use fishermen, seafood processors, and representatives of local communities.

Area E salmon permit holders have 27 seats: 10 drift gillnet, 10 seine, 6 dual permit, and 1 set gillnet seat (60% of the total membership).  These permit holder representatives are elected by ballot of all Area E salmon permit holders for 3-year terms.

There are 18 seats (40%) for designated representatives from municipalities, native associations, processors, sport fisheries, personal use fisheries, and subsistence users. They are appointed for 3-year terms.

The Board of Directors meets twice a year, typically in March and October.  During the October meeting, the Board of Directors elect a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary/treasurer from their ranks.  During the March meeting, the Board of Directors review the goals of the upcoming season and approve the operating and capital budgets for the next fiscal year.

A seven member Executive Committee meets once a month and is charged with overseeing and supporting management, and assuring that the mission, goals, and operational plans established by the Board are achieved.  The Executive Committee fulfills all the major responsibilities of the Board of Directors. 

Other Board committees include: Finance Committee, Production Planning Committee, Board Development Committee, and Cost Recovery Committee.

Current Board Directory