Main Bay

The Main Bay Hatchery (MBH) is a state-owned hatchery built in 1981 by the ADF&G Fisheries Rehabilitation, Enhancement and Development Division as a chum salmon hatchery.  It is located in Main Bay, Prince William Sound, approximately 40 miles southeast of Whittier.  The hatchery is operated under a special use permit with the United States Forest Service. PWSAC manages and operates the facility for ADF&G under a 20-year professional services agreement at no cost to the state.  PWSAC assumed management and operational control of the hatchery in 1990.  Main Bay is the first sockeye smolt-producing hatchery in the world.  Up to six different sockeye salmon stocks have been incubated and reared in the same hatchery building.  PWSAC has concentrated solely on rearing Coghill Lake stock since 1998.  This decreases the risk of disease, improves fish culture, and helps increase marine survival by a percentage or two.

MBH is currently permitted for 12.4 million sockeye salmon eggs annually.