2021 PWSAC Director Election

In 1985, the Area E salmon permit holders voted in a 2% enhancement tax to be assessed from their gross salmon deliveries.  The funds are collected by the State of Alaska and disbursed to PWSAC for maintaining enhancement programs and operations.

With the enactment of the salmon enhancement tax, the PWSAC Bylaws were amended to provide that every Area E salmon permit holder would be eligible to be a candidate and vote on the Fishermen’s Ballot for the PWSAC Board of Directors.  At least sixty (60%) of the directors are fishermen.

The PWSAC Board of Directors has 27 fisherman seats: 10 seine seats, 10 drift gillnet seats, 6 dual permit seats and 1 set gillnet seat. 

  • A dual permit holder is a person who holds both a seine and drift gillnet permit. 
  • Those who hold both a drift gillnet and set gillnet may only occupy a seat designated for drift gillnetters.

The 2021 Fishermen Director Election will include 3-seine, 4-drift gillnet, 2-dual permit seats, and 1-setnet seat for three-year terms. The 3-year terms start 10/2021 and go through 10/2024.

PWSAC needs interested people to serve on the board who have the time to commit and the desire to help the Board achieve corporate goals.

Incumbent directors whose term is expiring are:

  • Mike Towle, Gillnet seat D
  • Wade Buscher, Gillnet seat E
  • Matt Maxwell, Gillnet seat F
  • Tracey Nuzzi, Gillnet seat G
  • Tom Nelson, Seine seat D
  • Ron Blake, Seine seat E
  • Tim Moore, Seine seat F
  • Mike Mickelson, Dual seat C
  • Ken Jones, Dual seat D
  • Mike Hall, Setnet Seat A

Please complete the Candidate Questionnaire and contact a representative below if you are interested in running on the election ballot.

The Candidate Questionnaire needs to be submitted by December 31, 2020.

Eli Johnson
– Board Development Committee –

Alexandria Day
– PWSAC Executive Assistant –