Special Projects Coordinator

Basic Function:

The Special Project Coordinator works closely with the Production and Operations Managers in the areas of database maintenance, data review, report writing, and special projects related to regulatory and safety compliance. The position will do much of the day to day work in support of these efforts with oversite from the Production and Operations Managers while ultimately reporting to the General Manager/CEO.

Primary Responsibilities:

The primary responsibilities of the position are (1) to assist in collection and preparation of data, reports, project development and project/program evaluation; (2)  all aspects of estimating in-season fisheries, maintaining large datasets and files tracking multiple brood-years, forecasting returns, oversees collection of environmental data and ensure necessary reports are submitted to government agencies.  Additionally, this position necessitates occasional biological and environmental sampling duties, which includes assisting in standard hatchery operations and travel to remote locations. This role may also work on various projects as assigned which may cover several topics.

Description of duties and tasks:

The Special Project Coordinator shall:

  1. Act as the Operations or Production Manager when one or both are unavailable.
  2. Maintain database files ensuring timely updating, formatting integrity, and data quality assurance.
  3. Assist with quality control on all aspects of data collection and analysis necessary to sustaining effective hatchery production.
  4. Assist with in-season estimates of harvest contributions for returning salmon by age, sex, and location to inform General Manager/CEO when making recommendations to ADFG.
  5. Develop experiments and or methodologies that will insure PWSAC is an effective fisheries enhancement corporation.
  6. Complete and submit various reports as required for state and federal agencies.
  7. Help with ensuring necessary permits are obtained and remain current.
  8. Attend and participate at public/scientific meetings and conferences as needed.
  9. Assist with oversite of environmental record keeping as well as safety program records to ensure compliance.
  10. Travel to remote hatchery sites as necessary to help support staff with records as necessary.

Knowledge, Skills, and  Abilities:

The Special Projects Coordinator position requires frequent contact with hatchery staff as well as outside professionals in private, state, and federal agencies in order to perform his/her duties. As such, it is essential that (s)he have the ability to maintain professional relationships and be able to travel to conferences and meetings. Experience with fisheries data sampling, collection, and entry, in addition to managing multi-species databases. Management level experience at a remote facility highly preferred.  (S)He must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite as well as familiarity with statistical software or proficient with advanced features in Microsoft Excel.

Essential Functions:  

Work performed at the designated location will include the ability to move about freely; work outdoors in all weather conditions; ability to lift and carry 30 pounds; ability to climb stairs and ladders; work around loading equipment and transportation vans and trailers; ability to climb aboard and about vessels and small aircraft. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language.  Able to travel within the Prince William Sound area. Must be able to hear and see to receive verbal, hand and written instructions. Must be familiar with the use of Microsoft office computer products.

Minimum qualifications:

Graduate from an accredited college or university with a B.S. in fisheries biology or equivalent area of study, in addition to a minimum of two years practical experience in aquaculture. At the discretion of the General Manager/CEO the above requirements may be waived if, in the opinion of both the General Manager/CEO and designated supervising manager the candidate is otherwise qualified.

Positions Supervised:


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