PWSAC employs 50 full-time, regular staff. The majority of PWSAC’s staff live on-site to operate the four remote hatcheries in Prince William Sound year-round. Our non-remote, Gulkana Hatchery operates about eight months per year with a small on-site staff.

PWSAC’s emphasizes training and promoting from within the organization, however PWSAC also recruits talented staff from around the United States that are interested in pursuing a career path in fisheries. PWSAC offers strong advancement opportunities in several specialties, including: Fish Culturist, Assistant Hatchery Manager, Hatchery Manager, Maintenance Assistant, and Maintenance Manager.

Regular staff receive a generous benefits package that includes annual leave, health, vision, dental, and life insurance, a self-funded 403(b) retirement package. Remote hatchery employees also receive company provided housing and utilities.


PWSAC hires about 75-100 temporary employees to work at five salmon hatcheries during peak periods of the year. PWSAC hires a large number of temporary employees as Fisheries Technician and a small selection of temporary employees as Deck Crew, Food Service Cooks, and Maintenance Technicians.

Fisheries Technician duties include general hatchery operations such as loading and unloading adult fish from vessels, feeding fish, taking and fertilizing eggs, routine care of incubating eggs, cleanup details, and basic maintenance. Most of the work is “hands-on”, strenuous, and accomplished in a cool, wet environment. Temporary positions range from four weeks to ten months.