2013 Gulkana Flood

During the 2013 summer, high water from late-season snow melt into Summit Lake caused the river to surge for several days. The main channel of the river changed course, moving 30-40 yards west underneath the egg-collection building.

Within a month, the river was re-routed to its old channel beneath the bridge. The area that was washed out beneath the egg-take building was filled. Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation procured the necessary permits to rebuild. The pictures below illustrate show the damage from the flood and the restoration.

The Gulkana hatchery is the biggest sockeye salmon fry producer in the world. The hatchery produces 300,000 to 350,000 adult salmon each year.

Gallery 1 (20 images)
During the Flood
Gallery 2 (11 images)
After REConstruction

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